Sterilization for food industry

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    • Type:Other
    • Construction :Complete food grade SS316
    • Dissolved Ozone concentrations :1 to 10 mg/liter @ 30 degrees Celsius
    • Piping:UPVC
    • Standard tank sizes :100 to 300 liters
    • Water flow rates:1 to 100 liters per minute

    Key Features

    Sterilization is a controlled heating process used to completely eliminate all living micro-organisms, including thermoresistant spores in milk or other food. 

    • Fully automated and self-contained systems
    • Only power and water required
    • No chemicals to order, stock or handle
    • Ozone is the most powerful food grade disinfectant, approved and regulated by the US, FDA, and EU under the new biocide directive.


    Pure Water Mode 

    Quality water for use in food or chemical processes. The Ozone concentration is controlled to provide pathogen-free water at high flow rates.

    Disinfection Mode 

    Provides higher concentration Ozone water through spray wands or CIP systems to wash down and disinfect equipment.

    Special Function Modes also available.


    Why dual mode?

    Ozone provides solutions to many food and chemical industry applications where UV, Chlorine, Steam or other disinfection methods often only provide single use solutions. Sterijet Ozone Systems can be utilized in multiple modes and applications as demonstrated here. This means your investment can be but to greater use, being especially important for SME’s

    Example Applications :

    *Fish processing

    Mode A : Surface disinfection of freshly filleted fish by submersion in baths of Ozone water. Provides visibly clean fillets free from cross contamination ready for freezing.

    Mode B : In disinfection mode spray wands are used to wash down and disinfect filleting tables, machinery and knifes. Saves costs by shortening processing and cleaning times while raising product quality. 

    *Food Manufacturing

    Mode A : Food products where pure ambient temperature water is required for a mixing process of raw ingredients with or without a further cooking process.

    Mode B : Disinfection mode, spray wand wash down and CIP disinfection of mixing equipment, preparation surfaces and utensils. Provides verifiably safe water for even uncooked products while also shortening cleaning times.

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